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Breakups and Broken Hearts

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Even if someone on Earth doesn’t appreciate you, do not feel alone. You still have God, the greatest being in the universe who values you loves you, and sees your immense worth – as gne created your soul in gnes image. You are a mini copy of God gnenself, now that should help you see how intrinsically valuable you are despite anything the outside world may throw your way!

Being you were created by God the sculptor of souls, why feel down because a mere mortal doesn’t appreciate you?

At our church we are reminded, if any person doesn’t see how dazzling you are, it’s because God has blinded them from seeing it. They may not be a good match for you and your Heavenly Creator has someone better for you on the horizon.


Sometimes along with the pain of a breakup, there’s also anger or a feeling of being taken advantage of. God reminds us that a person who cheats or doesn’t treat us well in a relationship is not a happy person, they are a person trying to fill a void of unhappiness inside themselves. You need not confront the wrongdoer or punish them as they are already in a daily internal Hell whether they realize it or not, even if they think they’re happy.


If we ask someone else to deny their desire to explore others sexually or romantically, are we denying them out of self-interest? If it is their soul's goal to explore these things, then we impede their purpose by asking them to stop. If this is the case, the best thing may be to walk away and find someone who shares our same values, instead of clinging to a love of someone whose soul is not in agreement with our own.

When we let go of a person we love who has chosen to move on - we are never truly alone, as God plus our family and friends continue to be with us. Romantically we may be alone for awhile but another person tends to come along when we are ready once again. It’s the nature of humanity, you will fall in love with someone else in the future even though it may not feel like it now.

Hang in there! If you ask God to help heal your heart, gne will. Once we realize our connection to gnen, we see it’s impossible for us to ever not be loved, as God always loves gnes creation. If the head honcho loves us, then it doesn’t matter quite so much when another human chooses not to.

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