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An interview with God in the Foreword of God's Truth

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

God: Who do we seek with this book?

Author: Those who have become disillusioned with you due to misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

God: Correct. Do not waste time seeking to convert those who choose not to believe my new communications, that choice must come from within them.

Author: Something that comes to mind Gnether, are some of your messages, especially those regarding the planet. If people do not heed them, they will not help to avert your prophecy.

God pauses in silence.

God: Let’s hope they do. As what will happen shall, regardless of their belief. All who read will have been warned. Remember, I stand at the door and knock; not all will open to hear the news.

Author: Some believe they have all the news Gnether.

God: Man has always been stubborn; it isn't a good trait. Many religions will say many things, remember yours is a book not confined to a man-made religion, yours is a book about me, my intentions and my essence. This is what you have been called to bring forth and share. You have represented me according to my wishes. This is why I sent Gabriel and the member of the clergy to confirm gnes sending.

Author: Gnether, could you comment on why we have mixed portions of current religions along with the new messages? To help people better understand what we are bringing.

God: Portions of what various religions state is correct, while others are not. When Man thinks he knows all there is to know about me, he is mistaken. If you close your mind to new information, it doesn’t result in being aware of the truth, but in a lack of awareness of it.

Undue fear of me has closed doors to open thought with an iron fist, preventing Man from truly knowing and being in a reality-based relationship with me. Let the truth of my love burst open the doors and free your souls.

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