This book is a message from God to You.
Its intention is to Free You and Guide You - through 139 bite-sized, easy to read topics.
Discover your soul's purpose for being here, know God has never abandoned you, and be assured you and those you love will live forever.

Is God a man? A woman? God is a neutral energy with the ability to manifest in any form. We were created in gnes image, we too are gender-neutral souls.

This book will contain gender-neutral terminology to clarify all beings are equal.

Do not despair over death, as all souls are eternal energies. Death is the end of our current micro-game on earth - our souls will play endless games of life in the macro-game.

God isn’t letting us down when we experience life’s challenges, they are a part of our soul's self-discovery process. Most stories have a challenge to overcome, so does the story of our lives.

139 short topics are sorted into 12 chapters to help you easily find quick answers to your questions about God, eternal life, purpose, relationships, and more. It’s a handbook to help you manage life's challenges by understanding the Strength and Joy of your soul.

The messages from God in this book were received in several ways. Most are through meditative prayer and telepathic dialogue. There are also two visions of God and Heaven, written about in “Three Orbs of Light” and “Reiki and Encounter with God.” There are four encounters with human conduits, written about in “St. Francis by the Freeway Entrance,” “St. Catherine Laboure on Confidence and the Date of July 18” and “The Archangel Gabriel’s Two Visits.” There are two Natural Phenomena occurrences, written about in “God’s House is Rumbling” and in the Introduction, in which God sent an earthquake as a sign.

Through deep prayer and meditation, she received updated answers that shed light on currently held ideas about our Creator. These answers are written in the book, where you can read actual discussions, synopsis of her dialogues with God, and the application of God’s messages we can use in our daily lives.

© 2018 by D.K. Lundin