About: Author D.K. Lundin

Growing up in small-town Minnesota, there wasn’t much to do as a child outside of church activities, so along with Sunday Church, I attended Summer Vacation Bible School, Pioneer Girls, Summer Bible Camp and competitively memorized Bible verses.


Around the age of 8 - I was walking in the field around my grandmother’s home one day. Hearing the stories of how terribly God's messengers were treated at Sunday School, I asked God not to call me as it sounded like a persecuted road.

Around the age of 10 - I woke one morning and felt I was to start writing, I had no idea about what. I went to the kitchen table and wrote a really bad poem. That was my start and from there I expanded into better poetry, in my opinion anyway! and short stories.

Through the years I have had times of more closeness and those of distance from God. Yet eventually, I would return and rekindle the friendship with God from my youth.

This friendship would create a lot of dialogues and writing. At my request, God has shared many truths and helped me find understanding. I’ve found our pursuit to better comprehend God and ourselves is a continual journey.

In the end, what I sensed may happen when I was eight years old, did. I answered a call to be in God's service.

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